Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sock Finisher!

Ponies love to model socks! My Sockpaloooza socks are done and blocking, ready to ship out....May 2. They are going across the big water!

They are the color and pattern-style that my sockpal requested--she loves cables and green, and these have plenty of both. I really love them and would consider knitting some for myself....but not tomorrow. Need to let my fingers get a rest from this pattern, since I have knitted it twice now. After turning the heel I really had to make myself knit on this--like a job. I dragged it to Panera for KnitNite, to the park, everywhere. Knitted waiting in line at Walmart.

KnitPicks Pallette in Green (its a true Kelly Green in real life)
Braided Cable pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks
Size 0 needles.

I broke about 4 bamboo needles while knitting this. I'm usually a loose knitter but the yarn is strong and I downsized to make a firm sock. I think that 0s are so small and thin that they just snap; it was not a defect. I tried Barbara's Addis at KnitNite and I am thinking about trying Addis and the Magic Loop method on my next sock. I know that they would not snap while I knitted with them.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Accidental Shopper

Saturday we had to pick up a car at the Car Doctor's House after it had a week at the SPA--all the preventive maintenance is done for the next....hopefully long time. Every belt, every fluid, every plug is now replaced, re-timed, re-balanced. Good to have that done.

Well, the Car Doctor lives in Powhatan, and my favorite LYS is in Powhatan....I was more than halfway there so I had to make a visit. Holly Spring Homespun was LOVELY as usual. I got to talk with Kathy and Ginni and GirlPants just played and played with the dollies there and let me be an adult. How many years have I waited for this?!

Kathy had a podcast for the shop, and turns out she is the only one in the world! She has been interviewed by some journalists about it since it is so cutting edge. She talked to me about how she did the whole thing on her Mac (music and sound effects too!) I have really been enjoying the podcasts, and use them like yarn tv (she has pictures too) while I knit. Check them out!

Stash enhancement above: hand-dyed sock yarn for socks (I do stash sock yarn, since I am always making them, and I love pink and purple and black together, this one is called Poodle Skirt), some Svale for a secret project, a shawl pin for a sweater that I am trying to finish (I-cord edging in progress), AND a pattern for a Bamboo shawl. I wear my Clap all the time but it gets too hot after March. This shawl is simple and will be very cool for summer, so I can have it finished by the end of May. Maybe later I will try some lace, but for now I need PRODUCT! Who knows, I may snag some Koigu at MDS&W and make a Charlotte too. I've been threatening this for awhile though...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Firey Bolero

I know, this post is nearly obscene. Gratuitous chest shot. But the hair and face were just not working that day.

This is the Debbie Bliss Firery Bolero from IK Summer '05 for my MIL. I am still not sure about the pattern and the fit. See the bags under the arms? See the very short length? See all the dangling ends (I have not sewn it up; it still may be ripped).

So please, fair knitters, vote now! Leave me a comment if you have any feelings either way. I am still torn.

Friday, April 07, 2006


I went today to The Knitting Basket because I read that the shop had new owners--Ute and Kristen. Ute taught the learn to knit class that I took that started all this obsession. And Kristen was in my class as well, though she was already a knitter. Small world!

I also went today because they are having a Hanne Falkenberg trunk show--fabulous! I have long admired her designs, and would love to knit a Mermaid (like Wendy did this winter.) I got to talk to Kristen who was working (she remembers the first sweater I ever knit, I did it in class, a kimono pink was for Girlpants and she was so cute in it) and try on all the designs. Mermaid was as flattering as I thought it would be! One day I will knit it.

Did not buy any yarn. I don't need any!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Checking them off--

Girlpants does her best CrazyAunt Purl-"I yike diz shweader mom!"

Now that my two weeks of four school projects is over, I took a day PARTIALLY off to work on knitting. After turning in a small paper in the AM and doing some reading, I set to work on the baby sweater I have been putting off. So much finishing! All of the bits are knitted separately and sewn on...the pocket flaps, the collar. And it being denim it all had to be washed and dried, and the yarn washed and dried and then untangled as well, and then the whole thing sewn up, seemed insurmountable.

Props to myself though, I bit the bullet and did it ALL today, including MAKING THE TAG.

The little things like the embroidery and the tags and the finishing make the difference in a nice handmade thing and a lovely one-of-a-kind-crafting-adventure-gift. But so often they are the toughest part, and prone to fail when you have so little overall craft knowledge like myself. I never took Home Ec, I was taking calculus. Tell me, which one would be more helpful to my life now--knowing how to calculate the volume of a sphere or knowing how to sew on a button? I'm just saying.

BUT this time my tag try was victorious. I made the text on the computer, flipped it, and printed it out on transfer paper (I had done this before with Grandmother's Do Not Wash tag). Then I ironed it onto a small piece of muslin from an old sheet we used as a drop cloth. I then stitched it over and over with jeans thread (from a jeans hemming experience) until I thought no child could ever tear it off. Viola! A custom tag.

This is for my Irish nephew's first birthday. His mom, my SIL is a Gap girl, and I thought that this was BabyGap-like enough to be perfect for him. Plus, in Ireland its always cool enough for a jacket, so he should get good use out of it this summer and the next.

Specs: Solo from Rowan Babies, size 1-2 years
Knit in unknown amount of Elann Denim yarn (Den-im-nit) from the cone. This is the third project I have knitted from this cone and I still have maybe 300-400 yards left.
Metal star buttons from Ben Franklin

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Princess Pink Pegasus Ponies love dishcloths!

Since April is finishing month, I finished something (but not on the list.) I wanted to try THE BOOK (Mason-Dixon Knitting) and square stuff would be good for me right now (no fit issues) here ya go.

This was REALLY FUN, just two short evenings, and is fluffy and soft. The colors I used were determined by current stash conditions; I have loads of lime green and only bits of other things. I added a crochet loop for hanging. I love it! I use it for dishes or as a washcloth?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Step one: the frogging

Here are my winding assistants with the pile they helped me create.

The checklist--

ONE dulann sweater wound.

ONE skein of Summer Tweed wound, ready for i-cording.

Maybe tomorrow I can finish the denim sweater. Its a LOT of sewing and buttons, especially for a baby sweater.

April is Finishing Month

I have declared April MY finishing month. I am going to frog what needs to be frogged and finish what needs to be finished. I am hoping that clearing out the things that I am stuck on, or the failures, will help me move on into the light of happier projects. And the yarn shopping/inspiration of MDS&W!


The list:
1. Firery Bolero. Post pictures for MIL to confirm what I know--its wrong. Sent to frogpond and pick a new bolero for her. Probably new yarn as well.

2. Dulaan sweater. I have been working on a bulky kids sweater with the failed wrap sweater yarn. I just dread working on it. And since knitting should not ALWAYS be a forced march, get it outta here. Kids will love using the winder on it.

3. FINISH the Summer Tweed sweater. I bought a skein of brown Summer Tweed to finish up the I-cord edging on this one, and I have not done the finishing. That is all it will take to get this sweater to the wearable stage (that, and a sweater-closing pin.) I may even be able to wear it to MDS&W, weather permitting.

4. FINISH BabyDavid's denim sweater. Its more than 1/2way sewn! I just have to attach one half of it and do the collar and buttons. AND make a babydavid tag for it.

The past month has been packed with big projects; this month should be smoother, even though it is the end of the semester. Of course, I have the Sockpaloooza socks to finish too, on size 0 needles--but I am nearly to the tow shaping on #1. No problem. I can do it!