Friday, February 24, 2006

Unofficial Olympics

The Jaywalkers for me are done and I LOVE them. This is Socks That Rock in Hardrock that I have been saving for the right pattern since MDS&W. This is some truly lovely yarn. I thought I was going to have some trouble with pooling, but once the socks got big enough the randomness showed through. With variegation, I like random.

I have only taken them off to sleep since I made them. They skipped the blocking board completely! Has anyone seen the Socks That Rock Club yet? You can get a years subscription of STR now. Its very very tempting.....

I had a good bit left of the yarn (and these are standard length sox, 7 inch leg) and my watchband broke, so Boogie Time it was. I did most of the knitting in the Drs office (we are all cranked up on Tamiflu now, since Boywonder was struck down with the flu this weekend.) Superfast knit and very very comfortable. I made the 6 year old size--I figured it was stretchy enough to run small. And I wear my watches on my arm, not my wrist.

Almost done! says the princess. I have been working on this supercute denim jacket for my nephew's 1st birthday since a few days before the Olympics. I am past the armhole on the right front and may finish tonight. I have not been knitting so much since we have been sick; too tired to stay up. Baby knits are so fast!

I am taking a color class this weekend at The Yarn Lounge. Its just a few-hour seminar about color theory and who looks good in what colors. That is one of those intangible things I have a very hard time grasping, so I hope that this will help. AND the BoyWonder and I are going to see the kids' version of The Magic Flute, my favorite opera. I hope there is lots of music in it--its an opera, so the music is the best part!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Who could not love this GORGEOUS sock yarn?

I think that she is kidding me....Kim from The Woolen Rabbit sent me this skank of sock yarn for the Unloved Sock Yarn Swap. AND she sent me this block of soap love that she makes herself. Fantastic! Check the blog out--two of her dogs just had puppies.

Thank you Kim so much! Your unloved yarn is unloved no more--and no, it is NOT too bright!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Get Yer V On

Snuggles and I met on Valentines Day due to a crafty combination of anonymous tips, valentine cards, mistaken identity, Sinead O'Connor and chocolate cookies. That was 15 years ago--we've been together ever since.

Here we are posing together in Vegas--like my hat?

Thanks Snuggles for putting up with my moody self, even though "I'm not mad at you, I'm just mad!" I try to do the same to you.

Happy Valentine's Day--he's definitely my favorite saint. Mwah Snuggles!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The slump continues....

So I have been ripping the Rainbow Gorilla sweater over the last week--the yarn is a bit hairy, so it tends to stick together. It has not been a straightforward process. I finished that this morning. Phew.

BUT....I have been working on MILs Fiery Bolero from Summer 2005 IK.....and it WAS going beautifully. When I was nearly done with the ribbed edging for the sides, had picked up the 200+ stitches, modified the ribbing, worked the 10 rows of short rows and 5 of the last ribs--nearly done--I realized I had picked up the stitches completely wrong. I had not covered the entire front, just a portion. F! I'm letting that marinate until I can face ripping it as well. AND I had to reknit my FILs hat b/c that was way too small.

How have I angered the yarn gods?

I am only doing unofficial Olympic knitting--I started a little jean jacket from Rowan Babies for my irish nephew's first birthday in April. I finished the sleeves last night and am on the back now. Its very cute! I have tried to knit this before and got lost in the pattern and ripped it. This time I am much more confident!

Snow day picture has knitting history in it! Girlpants is wearing mittens that my SIL knitted when she was a kid. In Ireland kids learn knitting in school--its good for math, spatial relations, etc. These were the mittens she made then. Cute! The kids love them.

Send good thoughts that the yarn curse is lifting.....!