Monday, October 31, 2005

I broke the internets

I cannot get my pictures to load onto blogger. 24 hours now! I have used different ones, played with the formats, titles, nothing. Asspain.

What am I doing wrong?

Oh, and my hillarious secret pal! She leaves me comments regularly, but FORGETS to be annonnymous. D'oh! I erase them, I like to be surprised.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bad, bad blogger

I know I've been a bad blogger, reading and commenting everywhere else but never updating here at ObsessKnit. Things have been a bit insane here at the Chez; my grandmother who I was very close to (I even made her two sweaters!) died last week. She just sat in her recliner for the normal mid-morning nap and never woke up. It was a peaceful end but its been hard for all of us.

But, as EZ says, Knit on! And I have.

I just finished a denim jumper for GirlPants but I am having problems uploading the image. Its very cute! Picture day is this week for her so she will get to wear it with a pair of stripey tights. Fabulous! This is the first pattern I have done with full fashioning--the increases and decreases are a great design feature.

Pics tommorrow--

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How do you get an electronic autograph?

I just had an email from Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting, one of my favorite blogs of all time (and I read in the 3-digit range, but some of those are for school) and they want to post my picture of the girls holding the Buttonhole Bags I made for Xmas. On the sidebar! To dress up the blog! My kid! My work! I weep with joy. I am starstruck.

No, I'm not kidding. Weeping. Its been a tough week and its only Tuesday morning.

Anyone seen the knitty surprise yet? I have been DESPERATE for a thing to make my one older nephew (a pink and purple buttonhole bag is not going to do it) and the skull scarf is HOTT for a 12 year old. Perfect! And I may have to put the pumpkns in the Q; LOVE them. I wonder if BenFranklin has orange and brown Cascade 220? Last time I looked it was all purple and pink....