Friday, September 29, 2006

The LONGEST vacation!

Hooray! I'm posting!
Its been a crazy few months, and it has taken some adjustments.

We made our annual trip to see the ManFam in Ireland.

We swung through the air:

Met lots of new friends:

Played with Baby David--not a baby anymore!

Yes, I did knit--here is my one picture of the koigu shawl.

Library/grad school started when I was away--my instructors gave me a pass the first week--but it was hit the books HARD when I returned.

This summer I found a library job! I now work in the library at a local community college, a job found for me BY ANOTHER KNITTER (thanks Mira, you KNOW you rock!) Its part time and a lot of fun. And after years of being Mommy, its very exciting to be a person again--not to mention having a real paycheck.

The massive drawback is that I am committed every night. Two nights of work, two nights of school takes all of my KnitNite options. I really miss my knitbuds. Not to mention having piles of schoolwork to do, plus the small children to care for, and a spouse to.....hey, we are all busy. You know how it is. Blogging got the shaft until I could catch up.

But I am still knitting!

BIG NEWS--My Koigu Scrum Kiri shawl won 3rd prize at the state fair! I placed! We are going this weekend; I'll evaluate the competition. It was my first lace shawl, and really fun to knit (simple pattern too). I finished it while in Ireland.

I want to make time for blogging--I have loads to show. A finished tank, a pair of socks, a completed baby tomten jacket, a old WIP much knitting! Stay tuned!