Monday, November 21, 2005

Jumper, finally

I have had a real problem with photos loading onto Blogger, but I resolved the problem by getting a Flickr account, which is working very well. This is GirlPants wearing her new denim jumper at her brother's birthday party this weekend.

We had BoyWonder's birthday party last weekend, and the weather was fantastic, so all 20 kids played outside. I made a multitude of paper airplanes (well, maybe 35) and they got a big frisbee from the cousins and just tore it up in the backyard.

I made a snake birthday cake with chartruse icing and loads of M&Ms on it.....sounds very fancy but it had a face only a kid could love. Tasted good though--I hate supermaket cakes, they are so fake tasting, so dry and flat. Plus, it was bright green--what kid would not like a green cake!

Holiday knitting is going ok, I have maybe ten (GASP!) items to complete. I had gotten some bigger items done in the summer--like the buttonhole bags--and now have to finish filling the bags. I have 3 more scarf/hats to go for that. Then I am going to make some tiny Harry Potter sweaters for my sister's family to hang on their Xmas tree, each with their own initial embroidered on it. A scarf is in progress for my uncle, his hat finished and blocking now, and maybe some fingerless gloves for a nephew, that should be tough enough for a teenager, right?

I've joined Alison's Knitalong for gifts, hoping it will help keep me focused. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I got to see a free preview of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this weekend! 10 am on Saturday; my sister and I went and favorite spouse babysat all six kids for us! Six under seven is a lot of action for any house....

The movie was absolutely impresive. For me, this movie had much greater scope and emotional power than the other three. Those times I loved watching all the books come to life, but this one had a heart of its own. It focused on the whole world and not just on Harry, so there was more "cast" and everyone really got to show their stuff, the characters were fully realized. Brendan Gleeson (The General!) was really great as Mad-Eye Moody, and played the scary but warm character very very well. The twins had a chance to be funny this time--love it!

In Goblet of Fire there was more knitwear than ever before--another letter sweater with a cut-out-and-sewn R, more vintage looking stuff that the Weasleys wear. Everyone had their school scarves on--they look the same as the first movie's scarves to me, maybe wider and longer. The costumers must have the cult of knitbloggers in mind.......

Sunday, November 13, 2005

My secret pal is reading my mind!

My secret pal is really spoiling me!

My package arrived the day that I had some nieces and nephews over and they were VERY VERY VERY impressed that I had a secret pal, and they wanted to know when they could know the secret, and they wanted to open the package and then open all the packages inside and then pet all the yarn and read all the books and they boys wanted to play ball with the yarn and thew it around the room and the girls wanted to pretend that the yarn balls were their was a lot of excitement! My genius secret pal sent two balls of superfuzzy Paton's (destined to become scarves for some of the nieces this Xmas) and a ball of Bamboo (which I have been dying to try) in a great green/blue colorway and then KnitLit (already on the nightstand) and a VERY special origami paper doll set which is so cool! The boys wanted to make paper airplanes right away....NO WAY!

The next day I got New Knits on the Block by Vicki Howell from SP too--a really fabulous book, with loads of totally cool designs. BoyWonder has already picked out the Superhero cape for himself....maybe after Xmas. There is a lot of holiday knitting here at ChezObsess.

Thank you secret pal!