Sunday, February 12, 2006

The slump continues....

So I have been ripping the Rainbow Gorilla sweater over the last week--the yarn is a bit hairy, so it tends to stick together. It has not been a straightforward process. I finished that this morning. Phew.

BUT....I have been working on MILs Fiery Bolero from Summer 2005 IK.....and it WAS going beautifully. When I was nearly done with the ribbed edging for the sides, had picked up the 200+ stitches, modified the ribbing, worked the 10 rows of short rows and 5 of the last ribs--nearly done--I realized I had picked up the stitches completely wrong. I had not covered the entire front, just a portion. F! I'm letting that marinate until I can face ripping it as well. AND I had to reknit my FILs hat b/c that was way too small.

How have I angered the yarn gods?

I am only doing unofficial Olympic knitting--I started a little jean jacket from Rowan Babies for my irish nephew's first birthday in April. I finished the sleeves last night and am on the back now. Its very cute! I have tried to knit this before and got lost in the pattern and ripped it. This time I am much more confident!

Snow day picture has knitting history in it! Girlpants is wearing mittens that my SIL knitted when she was a kid. In Ireland kids learn knitting in school--its good for math, spatial relations, etc. These were the mittens she made then. Cute! The kids love them.

Send good thoughts that the yarn curse is lifting.....!


At 8:20 AM, Blogger DustBunniesCanWait said...

Good vibes on the way. Begone evil yarn gods! Make way for the good ones :-)


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