Saturday, April 01, 2006

April is Finishing Month

I have declared April MY finishing month. I am going to frog what needs to be frogged and finish what needs to be finished. I am hoping that clearing out the things that I am stuck on, or the failures, will help me move on into the light of happier projects. And the yarn shopping/inspiration of MDS&W!


The list:
1. Firery Bolero. Post pictures for MIL to confirm what I know--its wrong. Sent to frogpond and pick a new bolero for her. Probably new yarn as well.

2. Dulaan sweater. I have been working on a bulky kids sweater with the failed wrap sweater yarn. I just dread working on it. And since knitting should not ALWAYS be a forced march, get it outta here. Kids will love using the winder on it.

3. FINISH the Summer Tweed sweater. I bought a skein of brown Summer Tweed to finish up the I-cord edging on this one, and I have not done the finishing. That is all it will take to get this sweater to the wearable stage (that, and a sweater-closing pin.) I may even be able to wear it to MDS&W, weather permitting.

4. FINISH BabyDavid's denim sweater. Its more than 1/2way sewn! I just have to attach one half of it and do the collar and buttons. AND make a babydavid tag for it.

The past month has been packed with big projects; this month should be smoother, even though it is the end of the semester. Of course, I have the Sockpaloooza socks to finish too, on size 0 needles--but I am nearly to the tow shaping on #1. No problem. I can do it!


At 9:04 AM, Blogger Mary said...

That's a great plan -- finish up (or frog) WIP's before MS&W. Good thinking! It will help alleviate the guilt of adding so much new yarn to the stash!


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