Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I do so knit!

So much of my knitting goes uncatalogued, which is a real shame for a person who is studying to be a librarian. I try to blog about some things, and I have a folder/archive for my work that I try to maintain, but not EVERY sock or EVERY scarf gets a picture or a load of pattern notes in the binder. Some of the projects are too basic; others I gift before I remember to take pictures.

So often I will show up at Panera with a WIP that no one has ever seen--and it will be finished and gifted by the next week (or more truthfully, in a non-social period of finishing, so I decide to not bring it since I cannot talk and sew.) I am the opposite of Monica in this; she sticks to a few projects and brings them over and over, and can chat while she sews--I leave my soul killer projects at home to marinate!

This Firery Bolero from IK has been a real soul killer for me. I knitted it no problem in Shine from KnitPicks. Nice yarn! But the FINISHING.......I had to pick up 270 stitches for the ribbed neckline, which was too many for my sweater (row gauge problems) so I winged it. Got it all ribbed out, looking purty and realized that I MISSED TWO WHOLE SECTIONS.

That was 2+ hours of finishing--and the math needed to make it work--gone down the tubes. BAD TIMES. Send that to the knit bucket to marinate until I am no longer mad at it.

So I ripped the neck and started again, re-calcing the math parts. Looks ok now, though its not exactly what Debbie Bliss wrote. I am now finished with the ribbing of the back and sleeves and ready to sew it up soon.

Of course, I think it will probably be too small and have to be ripped completely. I'll try it on after sewing--its for my MIL and we are about the same size.

IF it is totally the wrong size, I am going to try another pattern. There are loads of bolero jackets out there, and since MIL and I are similarly shaped I can knit to fit me and know it will work for her too. But I will be PISSED if I have to rip.

Keeping Tiny Hawk and the Bolero company is my sock, originally for my Sockpaloooza pal. I was making it for her, but after I bothered her over and over she admitted that her foot is not as big as she thought. So this sock will be for FaveSpouse--the color is so him anyway. I am at least 1/2way through the foot and should be Kitchenering this week.

Coming soon--Stash Enhancement Confessions!


At 1:37 PM, Blogger Melanie said...

It's pretty! I've been eyeing that pattern, but I've heard a few people say that it hasn't worked out for them.

Pictures of the sock???

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Debi said...

I hope it works out Suzanne, it's very pretty!

Don't you just love Shine?

IMHO you should at least document all you knitting even if it's just to remember what gifts you gave away!

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Monica said... just THINK I only have a few projects on the needles...

In reality I have a couple WIP's here at home that don't get alot of Tues night exposure mainly because they're Fair Isle and I can't talk and follow a chart at the same time.

Sorry your bolero is being so awful. Picking up that many stitches is definately an exercise of dertermination!


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