Friday, April 07, 2006


I went today to The Knitting Basket because I read that the shop had new owners--Ute and Kristen. Ute taught the learn to knit class that I took that started all this obsession. And Kristen was in my class as well, though she was already a knitter. Small world!

I also went today because they are having a Hanne Falkenberg trunk show--fabulous! I have long admired her designs, and would love to knit a Mermaid (like Wendy did this winter.) I got to talk to Kristen who was working (she remembers the first sweater I ever knit, I did it in class, a kimono pink was for Girlpants and she was so cute in it) and try on all the designs. Mermaid was as flattering as I thought it would be! One day I will knit it.

Did not buy any yarn. I don't need any!


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous vicki said...

Mermaid is a fantastic jacket. You have good taste ;)


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