Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I'm being stalked

A secret sneaky person left me a comment today.......my Sockpal2za sock pal is teasing me by leaving me little comments. My pal said "WOOT" which is a comment I associate with Bonne Marie, though its a common enough piece of blog jargon. Do I attempt to go through the list of sockers (I think its over 200 participants) and match up my Wooter or do I just let the surprise happen? Its one of those things.....I'd love to be surprised and I 'd love to know my pal's secret identity.

All will be revealed soon--the ship date is the 15th.

On more mundane news, BoyWonder's first day of K was today. When interviewed for the cameras, BW said he liked the school bus the best. Heavy machinery! Diesel engines! That's the key to success in school. He cried and cried and had to be dragged off me to go to preschool; if they had had a school bus there would have been no problem!

KIP tonight--! Panera, get ready for these rowdy knitters! My needles are feeling hot tonight!


At 1:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah. Grasshopper, I stalk you not!

I was just visiting because I was so pleased you've joined the blog community since the start of Sockapalooza 2!

Actually I first "heard" WOOT from one Skinny Rabbit ex-pat who lives (and knits) in France.

But no, I'm not Bonne Marie and I'm not Becky either...

Soon, soon Grasshopper, all shall become crystal clear :)

Happy Thurdsay!

At 1:25 AM, Anonymous Sleepy Sock Pal said...

D'Oh! That would be Thursday NOT Thurdsay, LOL!! :)

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Carola said...

Hi Suzanne.
Nice to know that I don't have to suffer alone in the mustache kind of sorting. I have to admit though that I am kind of paraniod sometimes (even though my sock pal is not stalking me ;-) )
I am a bit dissapointed about what you said about Snape. Really? But I am looking forward to the last part anyway. If it is reasonable I will agree on his evilness.

On socks: First, I hesitated because of the investment, too. Strangely, I always pictured the worst case scenario: it wouldn't work for me at all. and then - what to do with two circulars so tiny!? But as I said, it worked out great and additionally, so many friends have babies now that I can use it for some baby knits. At least that's the plan... But however, it works fine for socks, and now I can have one more pair on the needles, that makes five at the same time!

At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there!!
I'm the one who'll be spoiling you for the next few months ;)
I'll try my best to be a good SP, and keep you happy!

Your SP


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