Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tree of life

Presenting Ydgrassil! At MdS&W Mira, Melanie and I stumbled upon a tiny stall at the very back of one of the buildings. The owner had some great "knitterly" yarn and patterns (by knitterly I mean high quality yarn without faddyfunfur and fun-to-knit, creative but still classic patterns. ) The wool was unbelieveable and I could not stop touching it. The strange thing was that the wool in the hanks was rough, but the owner assured me that once I washed the wool it would bloom. And it did!

The shop turned out to be Kimmet Croft Fibers and the pattern is by Lucy Neatby, officially called The Emperor's New Scarf. The yarn is called Fairy Hare and comes in a 400 yard hank; I used most of the hank. The owner told me she raises her own rabbits for the angora and the yarn was spun by the same mill that does the Green Mountain Spinnery yarn (love their patterns; I've made two sweaters from their book.)

I made the scarf much longer and did not crochet the insides of the holes with a contrasting color; I left them as they are. Its a nice light scarf and will be a good one to alternate with the Clap, which is quite big and dramatic. I could get away with this over just a shirt, as just a fashion scarf.


Now I am stuggling for my next project. I have the corset going, I finished my Sockapalooza socks. I have some Xmas knitting to work on (scarves and hats for kids) and I would like to make a top-down cardigan for Thing2 (I have the yarn). I am waiting for Melanie's test-sock pattern, so I don't want to start the Wyvern socks. Maybe I'll just go up into the attic and meditate with the stash. Ommmmmmmm......


At 11:43 AM, Blogger Melanie said...

Love it!!!!! I did a baby sweater with the angora I bought, and it was too cute. I still have some laceweight, so I'm thinking scarf as well.

And I'm working on the sock - I won't be at SnB next Tuesday, but I will be at Unraveled on Wednesday. As soon as I get my sock finished and make sure the pattern is knitable, I'll send it out! :-)

At 2:54 PM, Blogger M said...

I am in effing love. I will wrestle it from you and insist for the rest of my life that I made it.

And may I say, "Wyvern" socks? Hott.


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